Didofà was born thanks to the intuition of a young entrepreneur who was researching a new and unique product. During a flat economic era where markets were overcrowded of repeatable and standard products, the original idea of 3D watches instead experienced an unpredictable success.

The idea was to combine yesterday’s handcraft knowledge and today’s design and styles. This was the winning combination able to create uniqueand original wristwatches. According to Didofà’s vision “Time never stops” but “Past stories will always be present in our lives since they contributed to build what we are now and what we are to become”. An energetic and enthusiastic team of designers constantly create new patterns and themes which are always contemporary and appealing. Clear definition, quality materials and attention to detail are part of the distinctive identity of all Didofà collections.

Didofà always renovates its collections in order to match the tastes of the new generations and to offer unique and quality products. The success of this watch collection is due to the cooperation of a strong, determined and ambitious team who looks at the future and works with the desire to teach people the appreciation for the natural beauty of their handmade creations. Many times small things are able to revive positive feelings and recall past memories. With this association in mind Didofà tries to recreate an emotional connection between its watches and the customer. Miniature is the handcraft technique used to bring happiness and joy into our lives. Each watch gives material shape to unforgettable moments of life and hidden feelings. Moments and feelings which can be worn, shared, collected and saved. Every watch is created by specialised craftsmen with meticulous attention to the smallest details. The images and decorations in reliefs portray several themes from colourful flowers to well-known European monuments such as Paris or London.


Didofà is a young Italian company launched in 2013, it counts already 2.000 points of sales in Italy and strong distribution channels in both national and international markets. Its core philosophy aims at ensuring the best customers’ satisfaction. The teambuilds personalized relationships with customers in order to better satisfytheir needs, exceed expectations and arise emotions.

The company continuously supervises its distribution channels to ensure timely deliveries at all times. Didofà actively operates on the main social media. This young company is already a leader in its sector counting more than 600.000 followers on Facebook.